Gifted Curriculum

Being aware of the fact that each child has different abilities, different interests, and different potentials, and the implementation of programs in a way that can meet different needs with an approach that takes these differences into account in the education of our children will be the greatest contribution to the future of children.

SMART PLUS is a support education program we have developed for this purpose.
Studies show that approximately 3% of the society consists of individuals with high potential. In addition, the cognitive capacity that increases at an astonishing rate in children allows us to predict that this rate is higher. Evaluating individuals with high potential at the highest level by being supported by correct and scientific education practices will increase the level of development of the society and also make the life of individuals significantly easier.
As of the 2021-2022 academic year, as a result of our cooperation with academicians, the First Five Schools SMART PLUS program will be implemented.