Why İlk Beş?

Because here in First Five, 

We believe in the potential of the children and promise a school atmosphere where they will be free and comfortable to express themselves.

We firmly hold the belief that the happiness of our educators and students is the most important factor for a good education. We believe that a day without laughter and fun is a day wasted. We strive to make play a major part in the child’s life as well as in every aspect of our institution. 

We here in First Five are ready to provide the support for our students to achieve their learning goals and exceed their own expectations. We wholeheartedly believe that primary education is the foundation of a lifelong learning process. We do everything we can to make sure no time is lost, and no opportunities are missed. 

We provide quality education that focuses on raising children who think critically and creatively; who enjoy discovering and who follow the footsteps of Atatürk. With our multilingual program we aim to raise happy, healthy individuals who will work to create a better world.