Personal, Social and Physical Education

Our children’s healthy development in every way is very important for us. Given that they spend the most active hours of the day in the school at a period when their development and growth is in its fastest, it is İlk Beş team’s priority to contribute to their cognitive, social, emotional, personal and physical development. Healthy, confident and enduring young individuals will be happier and more successful in the increasingly complex world. We arrange programs which address children’s individual or group differences.

Guidance and Psychological Counseling

The Guidance and psychological counseling which follows a developmental and preventive guidance understanding primarily aims students’ personal development. The main purpose of our guidance program is to help our students to have positive learning experiences by closely collaborating with parents and teachers. Our main purpose is to help our students’ social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, to help them to know themselves and develop a healthy self-esteem, to help them respect themselves and others, develop problem solving skills, discover their interests and talents and improve themselves in line with those interests and talents.

For students, our work involves:

  • Adaptation to school and orientation
  • Student recognition practices
  • Monitoring and adaptation of differences
  • Improvement of programs in compliance with children’s development
  • Determination and supporting of students’ social, emotional and academic need

For parents, our work involves:

  • Routine individual parent meetings (At least once each semester for each student)
  • Student evaluation feedbacks
  • Feedbacks regarding students’ interests and talents
  • Family counseling
  • Parent seminars

You can always contact our guidance service for any issue about our children.